'Wild Thing: the best material we have read all year...' Canongate Books.

'I found this compelling . . . Joolz is completely convincing. Joolz is a sharp and cynical commentator on modern life . . .' Bloomsbury Books.

'I did enjoy it enormously – the writing is fluid and accomplished.' Random House.

'WILD THING MADE MY HEART SING. I read 6,000 manuscripts a year and this one lifted off the page and made me sit bolt upright - it has a gutsy attention-seeking passion about it and will bring Joolz to the huge audience she deserves.'  Simon Trewin, literary agent, London

"Annie Wynter has sworn off love and settled for the small pleasures of a quiet life. Work that she's good at. A few friends. A lot of memories. This way she doesn't get hurt, and Annie's had enough of being hurt. But when a brutal killing rocks the town she lives in, Annie has to choose between living the quiet life and doing the right thing. The decision she makes will change her life forever."

Joolz is now a Patron of the charity IDAS - a practical, grassroots organisation helping anyone who is a victim of sexual violence in the North of England. www.idas.org.uk

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