Here is some information about having a tattoo from me you may find useful after you have booked your appointment:

Prior to your appointment, may I suggest you start regularly using body lotion (any will do) on the area to be tattooed to get your skin in good condition. The evening before the appointment, please don't drink alcohol or take aspirins (unless medically obliged to do so) as both these substances cause the blood to thin and will therefore interfere with the tattooing process. On the morning of your appointment please be sure you are scrupulously clean, wearing clean clothes (this is all to prevent contamination and therefore ensure a good result for you) and ensure you have a good, nutritious breakfast. Please be at the studio for 1.00 pm. Tipping is not obligatory but completely up to you, the client.

When you have booked your appointment use this checklist to make sure you're prepared for your new tattoo. Are you:

  • Prepared to have a tattoo be a permanent addition to your body and you have found the PERFECT design for you?
  • Aware of, and prepared for, some degree of pain and discomfort as part of the normal tattoo experience?
  • Confident that you can easily communicate with me as your artist during the entire tattoo process?
  • Confident that you're getting tattooed in a safe and healthy environment?
  • Comfortable informing me of any special considerations (health issues, phobia of needles, history of fainting, etc.), if you haven't done so already?
  •  Clear on the price of your artwork, can financially afford it?
  • Committed to the aftercare and healing process of your tattoo, even though that may take a week?
  • Well rested, hydrated and have eaten regularly?
  •  Committed to the full time needed for the tattoo process?

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