Perfume Recipes by The Widow Marvell

Various perfumes by The Widow Marvell



30 drops labdanum
120 drops benzoin
6 drops vanilla


8 drops vanilla
5 drops benzoin
6 drops ‘amber’ (comprising vanilla, benzoin & labdanum)
8 drops rose absolute
7 drops jasmine
3 drops ylang-ylang
10 drops bergamot
6 drops bitter orange
2 drops black pepper


6 drops Australian sandalwood
5 drops frankincense
5 drops Peru Balsam
6 drops litsea cubeba
6 drops juniper berry
4 drops clove bud
8 drops mandarin
6 drops lavender
4 drops rosewood
6 drops cedar wood

Store in coloured – I prefer blue – glass dropper bottles & use judiciously. For daily use I prefer a nice lavender cologne which is always appropriate for a Lady.

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