Advice for small bands. Up to you if you take it.

This pamphlet came out of a lecture I gave at Leeds School Of Music on SMALL BAND PROMOTION AND PROFESSIONAL TOUR MANAGING.

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In regard to cosmetic surgery procedures, you have to first ask yourself why a woman would do it. The answer is not the same as it is for tattooing/piercing. Obviously it goes without saying it is an individual's right to alter their own body as they choose to.…

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The Way Of Touring – A Very, Very Rough Guide To A Very, Very Rough Life.
By Joolz, Who Toured For Twenty-Five Years.

Warning: This Guide contains adult language and themes. Which it bloody well should given the subject matter.…

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Joolz is now a Patron of the charity IDAS - a practical, grassroots organisation helping anyone who is a victim of sexual violence in the North of England.

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