At last Cafe Dragonbat has the new home it so richly deserves. Spreading out from our culinary activities that see a selection of virtual gourmet desserts and select teas and coffees all exquisitely presented in glorious - if wholly imaginary - surroundings, the Cafe will now also be a journal of the thoughts of our founder and matriarch, Lady Raven Dragonbat, Margravine of Schloss Dragonbat, Doyen of the Salon Des Beaux Gateaux, Chatelaine of Castle Goatsqualor and Sole Prop. Of Studio Bijoux, Centre For The Dermal Arts - i.e, myself.

Alongside the Cafe Dragonbat's normal presentations of afternoon tea ( I don't do mornings) such as a superb Single Estate Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake served with organic Sicilian marscapone, First Flush Tippy Assam Tea or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and presented on a delicate vintage hand embroidered cream gazar cloth created by the silent Order Of The Little Sisters Of Infinite Piety in 1923 and graced by a single perfect green Cymbidium orchid, I will post any stray meditations on life and the human condition that might occur to me. They won't be for the humourless, the faint hearted, the wilfully ignorant or those of a sensitive and retiring nature. Sometimes they will be mildly amusing. Sometimes they won't. But the cake will always be excellent. I hope occasionally, you can join me.

Joolz is now a Patron of the charity IDAS - a practical, grassroots organisation helping anyone who is a victim of sexual violence in the North of England.

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