Today we are serving afternoon tea in the Woodland Room, a great favourite with our guests, set in the sylvan landscape  of Dragonswood, once dubbed a global treasure due its fairytale beauty. Charming brooks with bright, clear water, home to kingfishers and dragonflies meander through mossy glades pierced by sunlight and in spring, the glades are awash with bluebells and wild flowers of every type. The musical call of the rare Greater Blue Dragonfrog echoes through the trees and birdsong is everywhere. The Woodland Room is a masterpiece of rustic comfort and was created by Master Carpenter Alice and her team. The use of reclaimed wood and seaglass from the nearby Dragon's Cove, the beautiful carvings and delightful verandah with its graceful 'blossom tree' pillars…

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Today CafĂ© Dragonbat is in its original home,  the Grand Salon of Hotel Dragonbat, where it all started. Set in hundreds of acres of unspoilt countryside, the hotel was formerly Chateau Dragonbat, ancestral home of the Counts and Countesses Of Dragonbat,  most famous of whom, Countess Liliana, known simply as  Mother Lily by her grateful tenants and family, added most to the building we see now. Liliana was a firm believer in the dignity of education and sharing food and had no time for the rigid class structures in place during her lifetime.  Prince or peasant alike took tea and cake, made by her own hands, at the Chateau and her motto was 'feed body and mind'. The renowned  Mother Lily's Academy  For Girls in…

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Today at the recently fully refurbished Café Dragonbat,  we are pleased to offer you a seat in the Blue Ocean Lounge. With its huge panoramic windows directly overlooking the sea and oceanic themed decor featuring the famous rococo Mermaid Of The Deep sculpture and a driftwood fire burning in the open hearth, the Blue Ocean Lounge is a calm and restful retreat from daily cares.

Our cake today is a modern take on a traditional Galette Des Rois - three layers of sweet puff pastry filled with whipped almond cream and blueberries, topped with a golden spun sugar crown and served with a blueberry and vanilla sauce.

Our featured hot beverages are a fabulous single origin Brazilian Santos coffee and a Chaykhana Special Blend tea.…

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